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Chantal Michel, Ph.D.
Co-founder & CEO

Chantal earned her doctorate in physiology from Université Laval. After 10 years of doing research she worked as a sale representative, as a technology transfer specialist, in socioeconomic development and partnerships.  She acquired a fine understanding of the life science ecosystem and innovations.    

She is recognized for her great sense of partnership and her strong will to get results. Her creativity and sensible approach toward partners have allowed her to find efficient solutions to hurdles in many collaboration projects. She is dedicated to change the world through innovative practices and technologies to answer social and environmental challenges.

Chantal jumped into the adventure of Alterna inspired by the goal of making science more responsible and sustainable.  

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Léonid Volkov. Ph.D.
Co-founder & CSO


Léonid has a medical training and hold a doctorate in cell biology from l'École Pratique des Hautes Études (Sorbonne, Paris). He then completed a post-doctoral internship at Université de Sherbrooke. 


Léonid has been using cell culture for more than 30 years.  Concerned about the barbaric practice used to collect fetal serum bovine origin, he started looking for alternative media supplements.   His dedication to science guided him in finding a formulation that did not require fetal blood and that would promote cell growth with the same efficiency as fetal bovine serum.  

Léonid is the expert responsible for product development and all the scientific orientation.  

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Scientific advisors


Stephanie Bilodeau, Ph.D.
Scientific ommunication specialist

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After a doctorate in biochemistry from Université de Montréal, Stéphanie turned toward scientific communication as a specialized skill.  Then she worked for many scientific organizations as a business communication specialist.

She actually holds a position as communication manager for adMare BioInnovations, an organization that builds life sciences companies.  Being very passionate about scientific vulgarization, she is committed to make science accessible to all.

Alterna is happy to be able to count on such an expertise.  Stéphanie is helping us to make sure our messages carry our expression of value in regard to sustainability and ethics. Only that way we can ensure to reach our future partners and customers and to position and differentiate our organization in different ecosystems, from the academic field to the new cellular agriculture sector.

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Frédéric Leduc. Ph.D.
Entrepreneur and Ecosystem leader


Frédéric Leduc brings critical qualities to our industry where you always must think ahead and grow with change. Prior to joining EVAH as Chief Scientific Officer, he co-founded Immune Biosolutions, an innovative biotechnology company where he was president and CEO for nearly a decade. Frédéric has a PhD in Biochemistry from Université de Sherbrooke and has completed various academic and professional courses in business and leadership. He has received many prizes and awards, including a Youth Entrepreneurship Grand Prize from the OSEntreprendre Challenge. He has been on the board of directors at BIOQuébec, a non-profit organization representing the interests of Québec’s biotechnology and life sciences industry, since 2016. His peers recently elected him chair of the organization’s board.

Alterna is proud to be able to rely on Frédéric's tremendous experience in the bioindustry sector.  Frédéric is helping us in our strategic thinking and help us to position Alterna for future society needs.

Frédéric is a passionate entrepreneur and an active member of the life science community.  He is a talented communicator and always looking for ways to make the world better.  He is contributing to our ecosystem through many initiatives, helping to raise more start-ups, creating innovative partnership events and supporting new scientific entrepreneurs.

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This video was made in French only for an entrepreneurial competition.  Alterna is proud to be a local finalist for OSEntreprendre as well as the winner of the Bourse Lassonde through Esplanade Québec.  Thank you to all our supporting partners and organizations.

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