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Burgers végétaliens

Alternum for cellular agriculture

Cultivated meat should be equal in taste and price as traditional meat.

Alterna provides media supplements that will bring price parity to cultivated meat. 

To do so media supplement as to provide high yield at the lowest price.

Alternum is banking on the naturally good part from its genuine content and the stable part of its synthetic enrichment.

Alternum price comparison.jpg

Alternum optimizes traditional farming and cultivated meat to feed the planet responsibly

A circular economy through valorization of waste is a comprehensive approach to the food system

Cellular agriculture is about reducing intensive farming to sustain a responsible food system.  Alterna's vision is to complement eco-friendly farming with meat grown partly in a natural component that is discarded from the food chain.  Combining both, the food system will be able to feed the increasing population and sustain the expected growth in meat consumption while reducing intensive farming and its impact on the environment.

Vaches dans un champ

Partnering with Alterna

Alterna wishes to partner with cellular agriculture companies to  develop media supplements that are optimal for each cell culture type.  Alterna wants to work toward increasing yield, reducing media supplement concentration and serum content to reach better production cost for cultivated meat, while keeping the same product quality.

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